Customer Reporting Area



Customer Reporting Area

Management information is essential. Wastecycle provides up to date data for our customers through our online customer area showing operational, environmental and financial performance.
The Wastecycle customer area is the portal through which customers can access comprehensive data and reports on their waste management performance. The Wastecycle Customer Area provides free downloadable reports and dedicated recycling data to help our customers maximise their environmental benefits and minimise their waste disposal costs.

Monthly personal reports can be accessed including accurate weight and segregation data, precise waste to landfill and waste recovered percentages. Whether you are a large corporation needing in-depth management reports on a monthly basis or a small business mindful of escalating waste management costs, our free service will assist your planning and reporting, providing the information you need to plan and report on your waste management strategies and costs.

All of our vehicles are fitted with weighing technology meaning once your bin has been emptied the information will be available on our customer area within 48 hours.

Carbon Reporting

The Wastecycle customer area also includes a report that allows customers to calculate their carbon output through Wastecycle and how many tonnes they have saved. This type of information can be extremely valuable and time saving especially for customers looking to achieve the carbon trust standard or complete site waste management plans.
If you are a new customer and want to find out more about the customer area please fill out the enquiries form or give us a call on the number below.

To apply for a log in to the customer reporting area, please contact our IT team on 0115 940 7037 or contact us on the live system.

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