Public Sector

Public Sector Waste Management Services

Here at Wastecycle, we are dedicated to supporting and helping the public sector manage and recycle their waste.

Municipal Waste Management

Throughout the year, we service over 115,000 homes in the Nottinghamshire community to remove, reduce and recycle excess waste.

Working closely with Nottingham City Council, Wastecycle handles over 45,000 tonnes of refuse from domestic sites alone – ensuring that over 95% of it is recycled for reuse.

We also work from our RoSPA award-winning Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Colwick to separate and recycle all the waste collected from kerbside co-mingled recycling bins by Nottingham City Council.

To find out more about what we do through our Materials Recycling Facility, and how we achieved our RoSPA status, please look at our MRF page.

Household Waste and Recycling Centre

Through our work with the Council, we have created a special facility for members of the public to take their own household and garden waste to for specialised handling.

The Redfield HWRC facility is open seven days a week, and any recyclable household items can be disposed of there. For more information on what you can take to the Lenton Industrial Estate, Redfield site, please visit the NCC’s guide on Waste and Recycling.

This facility is only available for domestic and household waste. Waste from businesses cannot be taken to this site – please see our commercial refuse collection page for information on how to dispose of commercial waste.

Thanks to our innovative recycling and recovery methods, we are proud that 98% of waste taken to the site is recycled into usable products, alternative fuel sources or recovered items. This means that the work put in by the Nottinghamshire communities and the Nottingham City Council is not only helping the environment, but also creating new and innovative uses for your domesticated waste.

For more information on Wastecycle’s domestic waste solutions, or to find out how much our services can benefit your local community, call 0115 940 7042 to speak to our Sales Team.

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