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Materials Recycling Facilities

Wastecycle operate out of 4 primary locations in the East Midlands. We process over 500,000 tonnes of materials each year through our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at Colwick in Nottingham and three facilities in Leicester. Our 20 acre site in Nottingham is one of the largest facilities in the country and processes all types of non-hazardous waste from one convenient location while our three facilities in Leicester ensure we provide good coverage for our Leicester based customers and surrounding areas. Each state of the art recycling facility operates by splitting the recycling operation into two functions – dry mixed recyclables and mixed waste – to ensure that each is processed and sorted efficiently and no contamination occurs.

About our Materials Recycling in Nottingham & Leicester

Our facilities use state of the art 2D and 3D optical sorting machines, air separation and metal detectors to ensure efficient and accurate sorting of material. Wastecycle have invested over £2 million over the last few years in new infrastructure and equipment to achieve the highest levels of recycling and recovery possible.

We also operate aggregate recycling facilities at each site to produce high quality end products such as Ministry of Transport grade road fill and high quality sand and stone products for use in the construction industry. With our 300 staff based across all sites we operate to a high safety standard and have won numerous RoSPA awards annually to ensure that materials is recovered and processed safely and efficiently. Wastecycle are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 accredited.

About our Materials Recycling Facilities

We process 500,000 tonnes of waste every year through our materials recycling facilities. Our 20 acre site Nottingham is one of the only in the country to handle all non-hazardous waste streams from one location. Our additional sites spread across three location in Leicester replicate those of Nottingham in local hubs.

Each of our MRFs is split into two functions – dry mixed recyclables and general waste.

Mixed Recycling Facilities

Our mixed recyclables sorting facilities are designed to process waste from homes and businesses.  The innovative technology we use separates cardboard, newspaper and magazines, mixed paper and card, aluminium, ferrous metals and plastics. This is done using a variety of belt-fed machines such as 2d and 3d recognition, magnetic detection, air knives and manual quality control.

Once the materials are separated, they are stored in bales and transferred to re-processers to be made into new products.

General Waste Facilities

The materials which are processed through our general waste facilities come from commercial, manufacturing and construction customers. The waste is processed using a combination of innovative methods including trommel filtering, shredding, magnetic detection and hand quality control. This process turns the waste into two types of fuels which are used for fossil fuel replacements called Solid Recovered Fuel and Refuse Derived Fuel.

Wesley Street
Leicester LE4 5PF

Enviro Building
Private Road 4
Colwick Industrial Estate
Nottingham NG4 2JT

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