Carbon Saving

Carbon Saving

As a business, we acknowledge that the earth’s climate is changing as a result of human activity and there is a pressing need to reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere as a result of our business activities.

Our business is founded on maximising the reuse, recycling and resource recovery of all waste that we handle and manage on behalf of our customers. Therefore, Wastecycle’s success in the urban mining of natural resources and minimalisation of landfill with the ultimate aim of achieving zero landfill is consistent with the aspirations of our customers.
All of our employees also have a vital role to play in contributing to achieving these stretching objectives. As a commitment to our customers we will ensure that suppliers and service providers have similar ethics and commitment to the reduction of carbon intensity.

Wastecycle will be pro-active in seeking out innovative solutions for reducing carbon intensity. Our constantly evolving recycling methods means we’re saving more and more from landfill every year and we pass those savings onto our customers.

Wastecycle’s innovative customer area makes it easy for any of our customers to quickly see the amount of carbon they have saved. All of our vehicles are fitted with weighing technology meaning once your bin has been emptied the information will be available on our customer area within 48 hours.

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